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Тип проекта

Постановка методологии системного планирования и мониторинга производства с последующей автоматизацией процессов управления заводом.

BORMASH For more than 20 years, it has been producing technological equipment for the oil and gas processing and mining, chemical, metallurgical, and energy industries.

This is a modern, dynamically growing enterprise, the main activity of which is the design, production, installation supervision and maintenance of air coolers, heat exchangers, capacitive, column and filtration equipment.


A comprehensive project for setting up a methodology for system planning and monitoring of production, followed by automation of plant management processes, was launched in 2022.

The start of work was preceded by careful preparation:

  • created a project team;
  • оценен опыт других предприятий, внедривших SPM;
  • priority areas of automation are defined;
  • assessed the volume and quality of data, and so on.
Among the accents that determine the necessary BORMASH solution (control system), it is important to note:
  • since the nature of the business is “Engineering-to-order” (development or customization to order), it is necessary to ensure daily proactive planning “ahead of what has been achieved”, with detailed monitoring of control of deviations “plan-to-fact” for each order;
  • в контролируемый производственный цикл необходимо включить и стадию подготовки к производству, включая согласование KTD, а также контроль этапов поставки PKI(особенно уникальных) ;
  • to improve the efficiency, accuracy and convenience of the work of employees - to study the prospects for increasing efficiency through the use of digital input tools, portable touch devices (tablets, terminals, barcode scanners);
  • work out the organization of processes at the “Design solution” stage, set up a production and logistics model and automate planning on its basis at two levels:
    • for medium-term planning and load balancing of the enterprise (horizon - several months ahead, a year ...),
    • for operational planning in the "daily mode" according to the current distribution of work to the levels of workshops, production sites, where necessary - to work centers.

In general, among the expectations of the BORMASH management are correct and important accents that allow them to concentrate on business development and the application of technologies, voiced as “increased management autonomy” and “organized order in processes, synchronized and coordinated work of workshops, sites, designers, technologists and supply ".

На первом этапе проекта проведено обследование, сформировано «Целевое проектное решение», выполнено прототипирование.

Осенью 2022 намечен запуск ведения в Системе ТСИ и планирования в режиме брутто, с целью уточнения и актуализации времен и других параметров.

Продолжается подготовка проектной команды ключевых специалистов завода по применению алгоритмов и учетных функций СПМ. ИТ-группы прорабатывают интеграцию со смежными системами, используемыми БОРМАШ, с использованием  возможностей интеграционного модуля СПМ.

Запуск в эксплуатацию СПМ в полном объеме текущего проекта намечен на лето 2023 года.