The company "Rightstep" was founded by a group of professionals with many years of experience working directly at industrial enterprises and in consulting (production management).

The company "Rightstep" was founded by a group of professionals with many years of experience working directly at industrial enterprises and in consulting (production management).

The Rightstep Team

Наша команда — увлеченные, творческие лидеры и надежные исполнители. 

Руководители компании — «играющие тренеры», лично участвуют в проектах в качестве кураторов и экспертов.


2005 thd. The Company "Rightstep" Was Founded. The core of Rightstep was made up of managers of manufacturing and IT companies, who by that time had many years of experience in managing operational divisions of companies, experience in implementing dozens of production facilities, and deep knowledge of the world's leading ERP and SCM systems. Key employees have been working together since the late 90s.

From the very beginning, the company positioned itself as a team with the highest level of expertise in the areas of complex software development and production and supply chain management. Rightstep was built, and still retains this structure, on the model of Western leading industry consulting companies: the company's managers (managing partners) are the most competent professionals involved in projects; some administrative functions (offices, their technical support, etc.) are provided by third-party companies (outsourcing); management is built on the project principle.


2008. Rightstep is changing its development strategy, having decided to stop using "traditional heavy ERP" such as SAP, Infor ERP Ln (BaaN), Infor ERP SyteLine. Many years of Russian distribution experience and isolated cases of their effective use directly in production clearly showed the inefficiency of such tools for quickly solving the problems of our customers.

Together with the German company SCM Solutions GmbH, the SCMo system developed on an advanced platform for that time is being introduced to the Russian market Microsoft.NET designed primarily for planning and monitoring local and distributed productions.


2010 year. The SCMo system is being developed jointly by Rightstep and SCMo Solutions GmbH in the areas of inventory management and accounting, production and supply management.


* 2012. Together with the French consulting company in the field of production organization IRIS Partenaries SA, Rightstep develops SCMo, adding functionality to support Lean and TOC management concepts, plus its own author's developments, including algorithms of the updated Rodov System (Novocherkassk system). The name of the system changes to Lean ERP SCMo.


2013 Rightstep acquires international intellectual property rights to SCMo, including all source codes and development tools, and patents it in the Russian Federation under the names "SPM-Production and Supply Planning and Monitoring System" and "Lean ERP SCMo".

Further development and development of the system is fully carried out by Rightstep experts, taking into account both their own experience and the best international management practices, including with the involvement of foreign consultants.


2015 year. A new version of the system, 2.5 (Microsoft platform), is being released, fully "equipped" with basic and advanced functions of ERP and SCM systems for production and supply management. The system has also added functionality that takes into account the peculiarities of the Russian industrial model.


2017 year. Time passes and the world changes. Due to the rapid development of global information technologies, the emergence of new planning algorithms and management methods, recently the advanced technological and methodological platform of SPM versions 2xx has become hopelessly outdated.


* After summarizing 10+ years of experience, analyzing the latest modern IT technologies and management methods, and their prospects — a decision is made to create a completely new version of the JMP. Open source software (Java development language, PosgreSQL DBMS) was chosen as the technology platform.


2018 year. A fundamentally new version of SPM 3.x is being released on an updated technology platform, with a new system architecture, ergonomics, and improved functionality, including support for Industry 4.0. The solution is registered in the Register of Domestic Software under No. 2619.


2019 year. Based on the analysis of many implemented projects and current developments, Rightstep creates a special configuration of the Start SPM.


SPM Start contains the main functionality required for small plants, as well as a comprehensive training course and methodological approaches aimed at quickly setting up and launching an integrated control system (closed loop).


2019-2020 years. In the course of the project implementation, an enterprise with a distributed structure and developed cooperation has created a SPM-CPU solution for centralized planning, management and monitoring of production and supply chains.


2021-2022 years. We continue to implement projects and develop the line of SPM solutions, focusing on the needs of customers. These are: long-cycle product assembly management; work distribution and shift-daily tasks for short-cycle DSE batches; mobile interface; additional functions and analytics for inventory accounting, production progress, on-line monitoring; improved navigation and ergonomics, and much more.


The goal set at the very beginning of the company's work – to make every manufacturing business we work with as efficient as possible — remains unchanged. Our solutions continue to work well to ensure fast order fulfillment across businesses of all sizes, structures, and ownership forms. With the target function of production and delivery: "just in time", "just in quantity", with minimal production costs and high productivity.


It is impossible to remain at the" cutting edge "of scientific thought and practical methods," stewing in the "own juice" of only your projects and only with your own, albeit high-class team. We are constantly developing our methods, techniques and systems, borrowing all the good new things that can be taken from our Western and Russian partners and willingly sharing with them the best unique solutions that we put in our enterprises.

SCM Solutions GmbH (Dortmund, Germany)

German company SCM Solutions GmbH, one of the most reputable European companies in the field of software development and implementation of production resource and supply management systems (ERP, SCM, Lean IT). Most of the projects completed by the company for more than 20 years are unique. Just as every client of the company who has achieved exceptional results in their production business is unique. SCM Solution is the original developer of the prototype of the SPM system, its "zero" version (SCMo 1. x). In the first SCMO implementations performed by Rightstep, SCM Solutions specialists participated in customizing SCMo to meet the specific features of the Russian industrial model. Then we provided expert and technical support to Rightstep in the process of developing a more comprehensive version of the Lean ERP SCMo system, designed to manage the entire operational activities of the enterprise (SPM 1. x). The most famous and high-profile customers of SCM Solutions are: MAN Group, Thyssen-Krupp, Gardeur, Mannesmann, Panasonic Deutschland, Continental, Bilstein, Manroland.

Iris Partenaires S.A.

Leading European company in the field of industrial consulting, Iris Partenaires SA, since 2005 — our partner in the implementation of Lean projects and production consulting projects. Since 1999, the company has been working in the field of optimizing the management of production and service enterprises using Lean and TOC methodologies. It is located in France and works with enterprises mainly in the following industries: aircraft construction, engine building, mechanical engineering, instrument making, electrical equipment. Its clients include large multinational companies: Turbomeca (SAFRAN Group), Thales, Legrand, Messier-Dowty, as well as a large number of medium and small enterprises, from 50 to 500 people.

Welcome to the Rightstep team

For interesting projects on setting up a Control System (processes) and its automation (ERP-SCM-MES) in machine-building / aircraft manufacturing, etc. factories. We are waiting for you!

Who we are. We, the Rightstep team, are one of the few that really and successfully automate the planning and management of production, inventory and supply at domestic factories.

  • We know how modern factories should work, taking into account sp. processes and their automation. And our "we know how" is successfully tested, reliably implemented and used in large and medium-sized discrete production plants. Mainly mechanical engineering, instrument making.
  • We have our own powerful software-the" Planning and Monitoring System "(Lean ERP SCMo/SPM), which implements classic and modern management methods (from the "Rodov System", MRP-II, Lean and CBT, to MRP-c, SCM, Fast factory and our own proprietary techniques) and developed on a modern technology stack (Open source software that does not require proprietary licensing).

Who we invite to join the team


We invite new employees (consultants/business analysts, project managers), with an active life position, who want to develop in the above areas of management.



Why is this interesting and valuable?


The opportunity to really grow, be a key employee, influence the development of the company, with the prospect of leading a separate direction (for project managers), managing a project, or becoming an expert in a separate management field (for consultants).


You will participate in interesting and often challenging projects. Because our clients are real, demanding Customers who do not need "Automation for automation's sake...ERP for ERP's sake...digitalization just for fashion's sake", but need manageability and efficiency of production and supply, the formation and strengthening of a team of like-minded professionals who are really passionate about the development of the enterprise as a single well-coordinated "mechanism".

We offer you
1. Unlimited professional development.
  • Close to specialists – real "bumps" in the field of consulting and IT management of production and supply.
  • Under the guidance of really reliable managers and managing partners. Personally involved in projects that share with the team the opinion that our core values are professionalism and motivation and cohesion of our employees. The ability and willingness to take responsibility and help colleagues...without being confined to "pure formalism".
2. A wide range of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Conducting interesting surveys aimed at diagnosing opportunities for improving the processes of enterprises,
  • Development of design solutions that define the company's operating model,
  • Implementation of software models/processes (business requirements, formulation, testing), participation in changing management processes, support for launching an IT system,
  • Participate in the development of our software, which allows you to work not only on the "current project" - not "one-time", but for the future. Do not" patch endlessly new releases of other people's products", but create harmonious and promising solutions. This helps you think both tactically and strategically, which is doubly interesting.
3. Maximum independence in the work of the team.
4. The absence of "unnecessary empty" bureaucracy in the company, normal trusting relationships are a priority.

Working conditions


  • Offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, remote work. Or ... offer YOUR own version!
  • Free schedule. Business trips.
  • Competitive white salary.
  • Comfortable, friendly atmosphere.
  • Social package.



  • The desire to develop in this area.
  • Active life position.
  • Natural science education (preferably). Possibly economic (enterprise management). Or-specialized experience.
  • Participation in the implementation of IT systems for managing production, inventory, and supply. Either within the enterprise or from the supplier's side.
  • Participation in the transformation of production systems.
  • Ability to briefly express your own thoughts, verbally and in writing, and draw readable diagrams.
  • English language sufficient for reading professional literature.
  • The work is not always normalized, focused on results, is associated with (short-term) business trips, and sometimes it is stressful... but interesting.
  • The presence of APICS CPIM certificates, passing courses in a similar field is welcome.

Requirements – Project managers


  • The desire and ability to effectively complete projects for the Customer and the company.
  • Experience of participation (management) in internal or contractor projects in this area (emphasis on improving the efficiency of production management) is welcome.
  • Understanding or desire to understand the subject area (business architecture of production and supply chain planning and management processes). If you have personal experience in setting up / demonstrating management software, this is also welcome.
  • Managing the implementation team. Statuses, monitoring deadlines, budgets, and project decisions. Maintaining the minimum required document flow.
  • Constant interaction with the Customer. In the proactive mode "Lead the Customer by the hand on the project".
  • Work isn't always regulated. Results - oriented, associated with (short-term) business trips, sometimes stressful... but still interesting and team-oriented
  • PMI certification-does not provide "super significant" benefits.