The product line of the SPM by "Rightstep" company used for synchronized planning, management and monitoring of production, stocks and supplies. 

For small, large, and distributed discrete productions. 

Carefully developed and successfully implemented since 2005.

The Rightstep SPM system is designed for synchronized planning, management, and monitoring of production, inventory, and supplies. For small, large, and distributed discrete productions. Carefully developed and successfully implemented since 2005.




Production ERP for medium and large enterprises (from hundreds to 10+ thousand people), including with a distributed structure.


Production ERP for small manufacturing businesses (dozens of people) and specialized workshops of large factories. With a predominantly custom-made type of production.



SCM system, for companies producing complex long-cycle products with the direct participation of many factories and suppliers.

To synchronize planning and management, general monitoring of interfactory production and supplies with the selected level of details.


(Advanced Planning)

Snap-in advanced planning module for enterprises with a extensive accounting IT system lacks suitable calculation of production plan and supplies.




release-pulling planning and launch, release balancing and assembly-time planning, electronic kanban and kanban boards, electronic tasks, visualization


hierarchical system of plans and execution with feedback, also with different processes and algorithms planning


synchronized scheduling for production bottlenecks, color prioritization, time buffers


production and logistics model (PLM), 2-level links (routes) of production and supplies of PLM nodes, supply chain planning algorithms, SCM Control Tower

Planning algorithms

Classic MRP

including planning for minimum required balance

APS Synchronizing (Planning)

network order planning, according to the composition of demand products, using a resource model (group of resources), for limited or unlimited capacity

Novocherkassk system (Rodova)

improved by Rightstep LLC: card file/proportionality graph

MRP-capacitated (MRP-С)

order planning, taking into account the limitations of bottlenecks

Execution algorithms


color and digital (according to Critical Ratio)

APS-sequencer (scheduler)

planning of production tasks / batches, queue management using various algorithms

Outputs' Management (tasks)

including machine tools, teams, and people (MES)

Launch management with ConLoad constraints

launch windows, batch consolidation rules